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Sistema de monitoreo inalámbrico ferroviario NB-IoT, diga adiós a la inspección manual, ¡más eficiente!

Desde la construcción del primer ferrocarril en China en 1876 hasta el presente, el ferrocarril chino ha pasado por una historia de 130 años. Con el rápido desarrollo de la economía de China, la escala de la construcción de ferrocarriles en China también está aumentando.

Hoy en día, el kilometraje operativo de los ferrocarriles de China ha alcanzado los 762.580 km y, debido a la gran fuente de riqueza de China, muchas vías férreas se encuentran en áreas montañosas escasamente pobladas.


Traditional railway monitoring adopts the method of manual inspection, but the manual inspection cycle is long and the labor cost is large. Many problems cannot be found and dealt with at the first time, and there are many potential safety hazards.

Nowadays, with the development of wireless communication technology, wireless technology can be applied in railway track monitoring to solve the problems of traditional railway inspection.

The high-precision inclination sensor integrates the NB-IoT module, and the sensor monitors the condition of each railway track. Once the track is abnormal, the NB module will immediately report the collected sensor abnormal data to the data center. After the data center processes the data, it will make a preliminary judgment on the on-site situation. At the same time, the overall information is provided to the platform, so that the platform can display the real-time situation of the entire railway network in the form of charts.

The field sensor, which is integrated with a high-precision inclination sensor and an NB-IoT module, is installed on the railway track at certain intervals to monitor whether the track is abnormal. Each sensor has its own number, and the specific location of the sensor can be determined by the number on the platform side. The sensor will periodically report its own data information to the platform, and if it detects a sudden data abnormality, it will immediately report the relevant data to the platform.

Receive the data reports of all on-site sensors and judge the data status reported by the sensors. If the data is normal, only the data will be recorded and displayed. If the data is abnormal, the abnormal data will be immediately notified to the on-site maintenance personnel through SMS and platform push. Personnel can know the abnormality at the first time and go to the scene to deal with it.

At the same time, the platform can integrate all sensor data, and display the real-time situation of the entire railway track network to the monitoring personnel of the management center in the form of charts, so that the monitoring personnel can grasp the on-site track conditions and the working conditions of the sensors at any time.

Low cost and simple maintenance:

It gets rid of the dependence on manual inspection and saves a lot of inspection personnel; if the sensor has an abnormality center, it can also grasp the location of the faulty sensor at the first time, and it can be replaced without tedious troubleshooting;

The system responds quickly and the processing efficiency is high:

The sensor can detect the abnormality and report it to the center at the first time of the track failure. After the center receives the abnormality, it will also push the abnormal information to the on-site maintenance personnel as soon as possible. to lose;

High signal coverage:

Compared with the 4G solution, NB-IoT has higher signal coverage, and also has signal coverage in remote mountainous areas, and data transmission is guaranteed.

El módulo NB-IoT utilizado en el caso adopta el módulo Ebyte EA01-SG, y el módulo EA01-SG es el módulo de posicionamiento NB+GPS/Beidou.

Admite banda de frecuencia B3 B5 B8; admite TCP, UDP, MQTT, COAP, LwM2M y otros protocolos; admite la nube de telecomunicaciones CTWING, la nube de China Unicom, la plataforma de nube onenet de China Mobile, la nube de Alibaba, la nube de Baidu.

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