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Electrical fires are hard to prevent, how to use IoT technology to avoid accidents?

Según análisis y estadísticas, cerca del 30% de los incendios son causados por fallas en los circuitos eléctricos, ocupando el primer lugar en todos los tipos de accidentes por incendio. Y las fallas en el cableado eléctrico son una de las principales causas de la mayoría de los incendios importantes. Dichos accidentes de incendio no solo causan víctimas y pérdidas económicas y de propiedad, sino que también pueden causar una parálisis a gran escala del sistema de energía en el lugar del incendio y las áreas cercanas, lo que genera grandes inconvenientes para la producción y la vida de los residentes.

NB-IoT: Internet de las cosas de banda estrecha, estándar internacional 3GPP. En 2020, la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones incorporó oficialmente NB-IoT al estándar técnico 5G; cuenta con amplia cobertura, múltiples conexiones, baja velocidad, bajo costo, bajo consumo de energía, Excelentes características arquitectónicas.


Positioning: It is determined in the markets of remote meter reading, asset tracking, smart parking, and smart agriculture with more connections, larger coverage area, and higher power consumption requirements. It is recognized as one of the three carriages of the future Internet of Things.

Development: Previously, the development of NB-IoT was limited by the construction of base stations and by the identity that does not belong to 2G/3G/4G/5G; but by the end of 2020, China Mobile and China Telecom will complete the construction of more than 300,000 base stations. It can cover major cities, counties and towns; it provides a solid foundation for the development of NB-IoT; and the formal inclusion of the 5G standard will undoubtedly help the development of NB-IoT;

Advantages: Compared with GPRS and 4G, NB-IoT has more connections (10 connections per sector), wider coverage (such as indoor coverage, etc.), more flexibility than Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless technologies; more National promotion.

Summary: NB-IoT has an unimaginable potential market and is suitable for many IoT applications. Our Ebyte is constantly developing new NB-IoT products, such as the latest EA01-S, the upcoming EA01-D, E840 -DTU (EA01); both have high cost performance and can provide customers with high-quality services to connect to the NB-IoT network

The difference between CAT1 and CAT4:

1. In terms of transmission rate: CAT1 has a maximum download speed of 10Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 5Mbps; CAT4 has a maximum download speed of 150Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps;

2. In terms of price: Judging from our current products, the cost of EC02-SNC (CAT1) is lower,

3. Usage scenarios: Except for the backbone network and other scenarios with particularly high data transmission requirements, other applications CAT1 are completely sufficient;

Summary: Before 2020, GPRS transmission rate is slow, 4G products are expensive, and NB coverage is small; so after the emergence of CAT1, it seems to meet people's expectations perfectly, the transmission rate is much higher than GPRS, and the cost is greatly reduced compared to 4G products, using 4G There is nothing to say about the resource coverage; and the basic application scenarios can be applied, isn't it perfect, so it's hot!

In addition to the smoke sensing function, the smart smoke sensor also has a built-in 4G wireless communication module. When the sensor detects that the smoke reaches the alarm concentration, it will issue an audible and visual alarm in time and push the alarm message to the administrator APP in real time. It can be used in conjunction with other intelligent fire fighting equipment, such as fire sprinklers, sound and light alarm horns, etc. The scheme can be widely used in cultural relics protection sites, art galleries, museums, old courtyard houses, seven small places, residential buildings and other fields.

The fire hydrant has a built-in pressure switch, pressure sensor and 4G module, which can monitor the water pressure and other data in real time. Once the water pressure is abnormal or water shortage, it will automatically alarm immediately, and at the same time, it can also find out that the fire hydrant is opened or destroyed in time. , being knocked down, insufficient pipeline pressure or abnormal water discharge. Facilitates timely maintenance to ensure water is available in the event of a fire. When a fire occurs, the smart firefighting cloud platform can also push the precise location of the connected fire hydrant to the firefighter's mobile APP. Through the mobile APP, the alarm information can be viewed at any time, and the location of the fire hydrant can be located to improve the fire fighting efficiency.

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