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The high-speed 433M wireless digital radio

[Banda de frecuencia de trabajo]:425~450.5MHz

[Potencia de transmisión]:20dBm

[Distancia de comunicación]:3km

[Tamaño del producto]:82*62*25mm

[Tipo de interfaz]:RS232/RS485

[peso neto del producto]:127±5g

[Introducción]:E32-DTU (433L20)-V8 is a high-speed 433M wireless digital radio (with RS232/RS485 interface), LoRa spread spectrum technology, transparent transmission method It works in the 425~450.5MHz frequency band (default 433MHz), and the operating voltage range is 8V~28V.

RF parameters parameter value Remark
Working voltage 8~28V -
Working frequency band 410~441 MHz factory default 433MHz
Transmit power 20 dBm Maximum power about 100mW
Receive Sensitivity -138 dBm Airspeed 2.4kbps
Air rate 0.3k~19.2kbps Factory default 2.4kbps
Measured distance 3 km clear and open environment, maximum power, antenna gain 5dBi, height 2m, airspeed 2.4kbps
Hardware parameters parameter value Remark
Dimensions 82*62*25mm
Antenna form SMA-K
Communication interface RS232/RS485 Baud rate supports 1200~115200, the factory default is 9600
Interface DB-9/Crimping Standard DB9 Socket/3.81 Terminal
Buffer capacity 512 bytes 58 bytes of internal automatic packet transmission