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Ebyte DTU RS485 RS232 Transceptor inalámbrico de alta velocidad dúplex completo FEC 2.4G módem inalámbrico iot







No. Name Function Notes
1 DB-9 female socket RS-232 interface Standard RS-232 interface
2 3.81 terminal block RS-485, power interface Standard RS-485 interface and pressure line power interface
3 PWR-LED Power Indicator Red, lights up when the power is on
4 LINK-LED Data transceiver indicator Yellow, the connection is successful
5 DATA-LED Serial data indicator Yellow, flashing during data transmission
6 DC power interface Power connector Push-in round hole, outer diameter 5.5mm, inner diameter 2.5mm
7 DIP switch Mode selection Configuration mode: M1=UP, M0=any;Transparent transmission mode: M1=Down, M0=Any
8 Antenna interface SMA-K interface External thread inner hole, length 10mm, characteristic impedance50Ω