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Módem inalámbrico E90-DTU(2G4L27) RS232/485 lora







[Introducción]:E90-DTU (2G4L27) es un transceptor de datos con tecnología de modulación LoRa de grado militar. Con múltiples modos de transmisión, funciona en la banda de frecuencia (por defecto 2424MHz). El transceptor proporciona una interfaz RS232/RS485 transparente y admite una entrada de voltaje de 8~28V.

Model No. Frequency MHz TX power W Distance km Features Recommended application
E90-DTU(2G4L27) 2400 27 7 LoRa,anti-interference Suitable for environments with manyobstacles, long distances, and easyinterference
No. Item Value Note
1 Size 82*62*25 mm See more in Dimensions
2 Weight 130g ± 4.5g
3 Temperature -40℃~+85℃ Meet industrial request
4 Antenna impedance 50Ω Standard 50Ω characteristic impedance
5 Supply voltage 8~28V DC It is recommended to use 12V or 24V
6 Communication interface RS232/RS485 Standard DB9 hole / 3.81 terminal block
7 Baud rate Default 115200 From 1200~115200
Model No. Default Frequency MHz Frequency Range MHz Channel Interval Hz Channel numbers
E90-DTU(2G4L27) 2424 2400~2500 1M 101
Model No. Average emission current mA
Waiting average current mA
E90-DTU(2G4L27) 226 110 22 15